Since the birth was so quick, we were able to bring Aidan and Gwen’s mother Lorraine up to visit later that evening.  Both were quite eager to meet Quinlan, but Aidan’s excitement was palpable.

Of course, he wanted hold his little brother.

I spent the night at home with Aidan and Nana while Gwen and Quinlan spent the night in the hospital.  When I returned the next day, Gwen had her blood sugar level tested and it came back a little high.  As a result, we were led to believe that they’d be spending another day.  When the doctor came in, though, and reviewed Gwen’s chart she was pretty enthusiastic about getting us out of there!  So, we gathered up our stuff and took some obligatory photos:

We have a picture just like the next one but of Aidan:

We got Quinlan and Gwen home — less than 24 hours after he was born! — and there was more brotherly love:

And, even the next day (ignore the wild hair please), Aidan was interested and helpful:

I think we’re off to a good start.