In addition to the Santa Claus thing, today has been quite the day for Aidan.

For the first time, ever, he got up out of bed and came upstairs all by himself, unprompted.  This was the first time since we put him in the toddler bed (and subsequently the bunk bed) that he has done this. We put him in the toddler bed in March. It’s been 9 months. It’s about time.

After getting up this morning, and going to the toilet, we put him in underwear.

Then I left for work.

The report back from Gwen for the rest of the day was: no accidents at all! Including going to preschool and a trip to the mall (for the Santa visit).  I’m not sure Santa would be smiling so big if he knew he time-bomb sitting on his lap! :)

Plus, we got his preschool photos today (with a complementary limb removal operation). I’ve got a rant about the photos coming soon, but for now enjoy:

Aidan's 2008 Preschool Photo


Doesn’t he look so old. >sigh<