Today was the “Chip’s Not Dead Yet” Memorial Mile.

For every dollar in net proceeds of registration or sponsorship, Chip Wilson, the founder of lululemon has pledged to match that amount with a contribution himself up to $150,000 in support of BC Children’s Hospital and all kids who really know what an uphill battle feels like! Chip’s three-year plan is to raise $1 million dollars.

You may remember the video that was made with 24 Hours Vancouver and Yoyomama (that included Gwen and Aidan).

Aidan got dressed up in his awesome magician’s cape, a fire helmet, and a pirate shirt. Obviously he was participating in the family-oriented Superhero Wave.

First, he did some warm-up — both running and mugging:




While the wave was queuing for the start, a marching band kept the kids entertained.


And they’re off! These kids were some pretty serious runners:




Here’s Aidan in the crowd (another in our series of Where’s Waldo pics):


Here’s the view up the hill that everyone was running:


And, the end. Note the little kid in the orange. He walked the whole 1/2 mile up the hill. Couldn’t have been any more than a year old.


The weather held out and everyone had fun. Aidan even went in a bouncy castle (usually he’s afraid of these) and tried to go up Provident Security’s inflatable slide — but ended up back out about half-way up climbing to the top of the slide. Ah well, maybe next year!