On Sunday, a 13 year old girl shook up our quiet existance here on the Left Coast.

Well, maybe that’s being a bit melodramatic.  I must be picking it up from Gwen.  At any rate, Kayla (Gwen’s cousin and Goddaughter) flew into Abbotsford International Airport (seriously,  *international*) on Sunday from Halifax.  She’ll be staying with us for the next three weeks.

We picked her up from the airport and took her to lunch in the booming town of Fort Langley.  It was an interesting place … the proprietor was a chatty Asian guy who came to our table often with weird jokes.  It was more than a little too hands-on for me, and more than a little creepy and odd.  It served as a good way for her to decompress and for Aidan to warm up to her.  He was pretty shy at the airport initially, but did hold her hand walking out from the terminal.

After lunch we drove back to Vancouver (sitting in the long line waiting to cross the Port Mann back into Vancouver) and relaxed for a bit.  Then it was off to the playground so that Aidan could blow off some steam.  Kayla was pretty tired by the time we got home … apparently she didn’t sleep much the night before and it’s a long flight from Halifax.

Everyone was pretty tired and would you believe we were all in bed by 8pm?  I think Kayla was out by then.  Aidan checked out at 8:30 and I was gone by 10pm.  And other than me, no one was up until 7:30 in the morning.

By all accounts today was a hit, with Aidan and Kayla hitting it off pretty well.  She’s going to be pretty sick of him by the end of it!  We’ve got lots of things planned for her — she’s going to need a vacation from her vacation by the end of it.