Anthony on , , 21 Apr 2008 07:47 am

It’s snowing again. April 21st. Vancouver. Snow.

It *must* be Monday.

Anthony on , , 18 Apr 2008 11:18 pm

If someone ever asks you what spring time in Vancouver is like, point them here.

This is 11pm, 18 April 2008.  Note: APRIL.

Current temperature: 0.3 °C.  Snow falling at about 5 cm/hour.  Flurries forecast for the rest of the weekend, including the Sun Run, a 10 km charity ‘run’ involving over 57,000 people on Sunday.

(Most of these were taken with 8 to 13 second exposures, so you can’t see the snow actually falling until the last shot…)

I have only one question.  What the hell?

Anthony on , 29 Mar 2008 04:40 pm

OK, mostly well now. But holy hell? The weather recently? Crazy.

I mean, look! There are cherry blossoms! And snow!

Here’s a shot in the other direction. Look at the size of the flakes!

Further, we’ve had daytime thunder and lightning (unheard of in Vancouver!) and hail for three or four days running.

500 cm of base on the local mountains.

Hello? Spring?

We’re ready.

Anthony on , 09 Mar 2008 03:53 pm


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