twitterHowdy Twitter visitor!

I’m @anthonyfloyd, dad to 2 boys, Aidan and Quinlan, and husband to Gwen aka @LeftCoastMama. That’s us up there in the banner. We live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I work as an aerospace engineer at a local consulting company providing software and engineering for large international aerospace companies that make airplane parts out of composite materials. I do a lot of programming in Python and Fortran. I commute to work daily (10 km each way) by bike. I’m a geocacher, a political observer, and a Maritimer in exile.

ALL these things form the content of my Twitter stream: parenting, tech, cycling, geocaching, politics. My stream’s pretty PG.

BUT I tweet a lot. Don’t follow if you’re not interested.

ALTHOUGH if you do follow, and you are interested in what I’m saying, don’t be afraid to shoot me an @. I like people who interact.

AND I don’t follow back unless I find your tweets interesting AND you actually interact rather than just broadcast. Don’t be offended if I don’t follow you back. I’ll often wait a few days before following someone back just to see if they’re just fishing for follows or actually interested. And please don’t send me a DM thanking me for the follow. It’ll look like an auto-DM and most people don’t like that.

Care for some suggestions for people to follow? There’s my conversationlist a list that’s auto-generated from the people I interact with. There’s also my YVR Interactive Tweeps list which is a good group of local people who do more than just broadcast.

This blog is my personal “family and friends” blog, probably not of much interest to you. I also sometimes blog on parenting issues on Dad Camp.