File this in the “Doh! Should have thought about that!” folder.

You know how those disposable diapers get pretty bulky as whatever chemical inside of them swells as it absorbs moisture? Guess what happens when a toddler (who will not be named) sits his butt down in a pool of water with a fresh diaper?

It explodes!

Well, pretty much. It swells so quickly that water-absorbed crystals erupt from the lining of the diaper. Man, the stuff was everywhere. Hopefully we got it all cleaned up … I can’t imagine that it’s particularly healthy to eat.

Here’s some pictures of the boy recreating the incident, but with a swim diaper on.

No, I don’t know why he was trying to lie in the water.

He’s not drinking the water — he’s blowing bubbles. No, really.

The Amazing Climbing Boy will climb anything!

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