Anthony on , , 03 Jun 2007 07:32 pm

Aidan loves playing in water. Whether it’s with his sand and water table on the balcony, or at the swimming pool or beach, he thoroughly enjoys it. What with the hot summer weather we’ve been having lately, Gwen bought a plastic collapsible pool for him to play in. Tonight we set it up in our porch, and you’ll be able to tell from the pictures how it went:





You can see more, and higher resolution photos in the Picture Barn.

PS: no geocaching this weekend. Well, we did pick up one cache yesterday (on our way back from MEC), but it was just on a whim (since it was close).

Anthony on , , , 04 Sep 2006 07:42 pm


File this in the “Doh! Should have thought about that!” folder.

You know how those disposable diapers get pretty bulky as whatever chemical inside of them swells as it absorbs moisture? Guess what happens when a toddler (who will not be named) sits his butt down in a pool of water with a fresh diaper?

It explodes!

Well, pretty much. It swells so quickly that water-absorbed crystals erupt from the lining of the diaper. Man, the stuff was everywhere. Hopefully we got it all cleaned up … I can’t imagine that it’s particularly healthy to eat.

Here’s some pictures of the boy recreating the incident, but with a swim diaper on.

No, I don’t know why he was trying to lie in the water.

He’s not drinking the water — he’s blowing bubbles. No, really.

The Amazing Climbing Boy will climb anything!

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Anthony on , , 04 Sep 2006 06:12 pm

This weekend past was Labour Day weekend. The weather was gorgeous, so we took advantage of it. Need to get outside before the rainy season starts!

On Sunday we took Aidan to the water park (Yes, I’m aware of the irony of going to the water park during the sunny, dry season before the rain comes). He sure likes holding the hose. And, he sure doesn’t like sharing it.

In fact, he gets right pissed when someone else wants to use the hose! You should have heard the growling!

Today (Monday) we picked Lorraine up from the Guide camp in the far reaches of Maple Ridge and brought along a picnic basket (thanks CMT!) to have lunch at Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park. After lunch, we went for a bit of a hike, with predictable results.

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