geocaching.gifWe returned to Queen Elizabeth Park today. It was another gorgeous day, and we wanted to tackle the puzzle cache again.  This time, armed with the knowledge that the cache was 30 m south of the given coordinates, we found it in no time.  Well, yes, you guessed it,  Gwen found it.  But to be fair, I didn’t even get a chance to look as I was taking the long way around the garden with Aidan.  That cache gave us another set of coordinates, and after making our way there, *I* found the next part of the cache.  This third location was pretty close to another cache in the park.  This one was up a small semi-buried pipeline into the trees.  Aidan and I played in the adjacent field (“catch me! catch me!”) while Gwen searched.  She didn’t find it so we switched jobs.  I located the cache, which was a peanut butter jar.  It was hidden behind some rocks buried under some tree roots.  The jar had lots of loot in there, but nothing that appealed to us.  However, we were able to leave our first speckled frog!

The fourth part of the puzzle cache was located beside a small stream in the park, and after 10 or 15 minutes of searching we found the cache.  We got the general location from the GPSr, and set about finding “large flatish” rocks under which the cache was supposed to be located.  I fixated on one good candidate, but it wasn’t the right rock.  Gwen suggested moving downstream, and after locating several more candidate rocks, I managed to point out a likely location and Gwen pulled out the lock box.  This one also had lots of loot, and we took a small metal heart-shaped “worry stone”.  We left another speckled frog too.

So, although we found four caches today, we were only able to log two.  :(  Oh well.

It’s been a great weekend — Aidan and I walked Gwen to church today and spent some time in the playground at the Granville Loop.  We’ve easily spent 5 or 6 hours outside both yesterday and today.  The boy slept well last night and I’m sure that it’ll be a good sleep tonight too!