On Friday we went out for fish and chips. As an aside, “our” fish and chips place has gone through a number of ownership changes, some good, some bad. The lastest owners/managers are of South Asian descent. When we first started going there, it was owned/run by some Newfoundlanders. At the time it was called “The Windjammer Inn” and had an appropriately “English” fish-and-chips decor. It’s now called “The Winjjammer Inn”. The decor hasn’t changed in the least. And, frankly, the fish and chips is better than it has been in some time.

Anyway, as we were completing our meal, a couple of older ladies seated behind us finished their meal and had to walk by us to leave. One of the ladies, hunched over and using a walker, stopped by the table and exchanged some words with Aidan. She had a nice soft voice with a quaint Irish lilt. As she left the restaurant, Aidan turned to her and yelled in his gentle voice, “Bye-bye Granny!”. He repeated it again, just for her benefit.

Granny is, of course, what we’ve taught Aidan to call his great-grandmother — also short, grey haired, and with an Irish lilt. It was quite cute.


Today, we got an unexpected phone call from Gwen’s uncle Paul. He and his wife Jeanette were in town visiting her sister down in White Rock and wanted to get together. So, we frantically cleaned the house. Fortunately we were in good shape, having cleaned (and vacuumed!) most of the upstairs yesterday. We had a good visit and walked to Red Robin for some mid-afternoon lunch. Aidan missed his afternoon nap and was predictibly wound up. Fortunately, in a good way — hyper and restless, but not cranky.Aidan was pretty friendly with both, warming up pretty quickly. In fact so warm, that he happily brought Jeanette books to read and deposited himself in her lap, and climbed all over Paul. He was very much in their face, but I don’t think they minded in the least.




Not much geocaching this weekend; we tried some yesterday but only got one. The main reason was that the boy was pretty cranky and we were having a hard time keeping him occupied and happy while we searched for caches. Plus, it’s been pouring rain all weekend. Maybe we’ll pick up a couple tomorrow.