geocaching.gifOK, I thought I’d spare you the pain about reading more about geocaching while discussing our latest outings, lest you think this was a geocaching blog. However, we did catch a few caches down on Westham Island, and up on the Sunshine Coast too.

One of the caches was just outside the bird sanctuary, down a bit of a trail by the slough that borders the sanctuary. Gwen took some delight at taking a “view from the cache” shot:


There was another cache on the island that was on private land: a farm that had a produce stand. The farm owners have given permission for the cache and I’m pretty sure are actively involved with it. It was a bit of a unique cache: a foam pumpkin in an old seed planting machine on the edge of what I assume was a pumpkin patch. After retrieving the cache, we picked up a couple boxes of fresh raspberries — which I’m pretty sure is the reason that the farmers approve of the cache!

On Sunday, while up on the Sunshine Coast, we picked up a cache right at the narrows. We took a few more pictures since Nana was minding the boy while Gwen & I hunted down the cache. Behold another “view from the cache” as well as pictures of us and the cache site itself.




The narrows themselves are part of an “Earthcache“, which is why you see me holding the GPS in one of the previous photos.

On the way back to the ferry, we picked up a cache near the rock beach you saw in the previous post. We were 4th to find for the cache — the first to find (FTF) happened only the day before. So close!

And, while waiting for the ferry in Langdale, Gwen and her mother picked up another cache inside the ferry waiting area. Not a bad weekend, but now that the weather’s turned hopefully we can grab some more caches next weekend. Maybe we can hit 50 cache milestone!