geocaching.gifThis is part of the reason why we cache, and why we place caches (from our Are You Shore You Don’t Know Jack cache in West Vancouver):

Wow! Now this is why I go geocaching on business trips.

So there I was stuck in meetings, looking out the window and noticing that the sky is clear–a February rarity in the Northwest. I begin to get restless. I’m hoping the meetings are done at least before dark and I figure that maybe I could nab a nearby urban micro or two. My heart, though, is pulling me toward a corner of the map that shows a lighthouse and a park along the inlet.

Then a miracle occurs: the meetings conclude at 4pm! I race back to my hotel, change clothes, grab my gear and head for the rental car. I’m glad I have everything pre-loaded into my GPS. By 5pm I’m walking down a path surrounded by giant pine trees and following the needle toward the cache.

I logged the cache about 5:30p and then stood there and admired the view. What a difference from the drab conference rooms, PowerPoint shows, and emails of the day. I’m used to mountains for sure, but you Canadians really have a great thing going here with the mountains rising right out of water.

Thanks, Left Coast Floyds, for placing this cache. It was just the energizing break I needed, and another great example of how geocaching has taken me to places I would have otherwise never seen.

Centennial, Colorado USA

PS. Go Avs!