Eh, the election was last night.  I don’t want to talk about it.  If you follow me on Facebook, I’m sorry.  You really should be on Twitter too, it makes more sense there.  It was kinda like being at a bar, talking about the election results with 100 of your closest friends right across the country.

Life has been busy.  We’re pretty much prepared for Beta.

This past weekend we followed Gwen’s own advice and visited the pumpkin patch.  We decided to go to the Richmond Country Farm, down off of the Steveston Highway, on the advise of Cousin Vicki and others.  It’s quite a production, and they’ve got it well set up.  I bet that they probably get several thousand people passing through a day.

It’s a full package there.  The price is steep ($10/person over 3 yrs old) but you get a hay wagon ride through their decorated farmland, entrance to a corn maze, and the pumpkin patch.  You each get to take home any size pumpkin you’d like, and you get an apple each too!

Aidan liked tromping around the pumpkin patch and was pretty … um … discerning … in picking out his pumpkin.

After filling our bags with two large, heavy pumpkins and a few small pumpkins, Aidan and I left Gwen sitting on a hay bale while we went and explored the corn maze.  He was pretty interested in it, but the further we went in, the more nervous he became.

He started asking if we were going to find Mommy, and the deeper we went, the more frequent that question came up.  It seemed that he was genuinely concerned that we’d lost Mommy, so we short-circuited the maze and walked back along the outside.  Of course, there were blackberry bushes (with *gobs* of berries still on them) along the route back to the pumpkin patch, and it took us quite some time to walk that stretch.  Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your perspective, the questions about the lost Mommy stopped with the intake of ripe berries.

Of course, we eventually found her. :)