Gwen on , , 19 Mar 2007 03:03 pm

I have graduated from Mimi to Mommy! I know he means it because he said it about 20 times in a row to get my attention. I am so Happy that he did it before his 2nd birthday. I was a little jealous that Daddy has been Daddy for a very long time and I had to get excited about Mimi. Now I just hope I don’t live to regret wanting it so much.

Gwen on , 02 Aug 2006 05:38 pm

Well, ok, it started well. Then I realized that Tristan is a sleep moaner. A loud sleep moaner. Aidan did well and I made sure the music was on. Unfortunately the sleep timer kicked in at about 45-50 minutes of his sleep. Which for those of you who don’t know Aidan’s sleep patterns is about the time he will wake up if something disturbs his cycle. So I only go about 40 minutes to myself.

Oh well, tomorrow I will have the music playing the whole time!!!

Gwen on , 02 Aug 2006 01:18 pm

The answer is “NO!” They are both asleep. They talked (well Aidan did) for about 5 minutes, and when I peeked in just after the last post they were both quiet and lying down. Five minutes later both, asleep. Wow. Time to myself. Yeah!

Gwen on , 02 Aug 2006 01:17 pm

I need a few minutes to myself. Both Aidan and Tristan need a nap. Both are fighting them. They both need to sleep in the same room. Am I being ridiculous trying to put them down at the same time? I will give them both 10 minutes and check on them. Keep you posted.

Over and out.

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