Anthony on , , , 08 Jul 2008 09:20 am

Grrr, rant time.

This morning’s ride (commute) consisted of the following:

  • Being cut off by the same car twice, 3 blocks from home
  • Being cut off by a courier blindly turning right
  • Being confronted by a recycling truck coming at me the wrong way through a traffic circle
  • Being confronted by a car coming at me in the wrong lane on campus
  • Being behind a car that came to a stop at a 4 way stop, and stayed there.  I went around her and three blocks later I could still see she was stopped there.  The passenger didn’t seem concerned.

So, seriously?  A 10 km ride in the gorgeous sunshine and mild temperatures complete and utterly destroyed by idiot drivers.

There are some things I really dislike about Vancouver and the dumbass car (and bike) drivers rate highly.

Anthony on , , , , , 29 Jun 2008 10:07 pm

Record breaking heat this weekend.  Cold and wet start to June (the local weather personalities were calling it “June-uary” — which got real old, real quick) and now blue sky and scorching heat.  Welcome to the dry season.

This weekend was busy doing an assortment of things.  Saturday was chores and errands in the morning, a quick trip (hah!) to Highview Lookout in Cypress Provincial Park for some photos and cache placement scouting, and then over to the COINANZA geocaching event in the Barnet Marine Park in north Burnaby.  Aidan had a good time playing in the sand and watching the trains whiz by as we socialized.  If you go through the photos at the event, you’ll see Aidan made it again. :) Grocery shopping after that, and then Aidan and I went by bike back to the grocery store because I forgot to get the one thing we were supposed to get — hamburger buns (for supper).  Doh!

Full size (10 MB)

And, oh, we also picked up a travel bug at the event:

Today was a bit more of the same.  Back to Cypress to drop off a geocache that we’re placing (not published yet, link to come) and then to the Wal*mart in North Van to get The Boy some summer jammies.  Back home for a nap that didn’t come and then we beat it down to Spanish Banks for a picnic on the beach.  Whew.

What kind of bug is this?  Anyone?  It was on the beach where we were trying to picnic:

You know, the views in Vancouver never get old.

Full size (9.5 MB)

Anthony on , , , , , , 17 Jun 2008 10:21 pm

On Saturday, partying it up with the Girl Guides.

Aidan took quite a shine to this one:

The girls took turns hitting a pinata, and of course, Aidan wanted a turn too:

This girl beat the stuffing out of it with a power-swing:

On Sunday, first off to Stanley Park.  They have a miniature train:

Then to the children’s farm:

Then the playground:

Back home for a nap, then off to the Car Free Day party on Main Street:

Supper at our favourite Fish ‘n Chips restaurant:

Then back home:

Whew, what a weekend.

Anthony on , , , , , , , 04 May 2008 09:20 pm

The weeks fly by but the weekends are family time. As such, here’s another weekend update…

We went and got Aidan’s hair cut yesterday. It wasn’t exactly planned; I mean he certainly needed it, but Gwen has developed a phobia about taking him to get his hair cut so it hasn’t been done on the weekdays. I desperately needed to get my hair cut too, so when I announced my attention to get my hair cut yesterday, Gwen & The Boy tagged along. We got to my barber’s shop, which was completely empty when we got there. Well, the barber and another hair-cutter (aside: what’s the noun describing a woman who works at a barbershop that exclusively cuts men’s hair? Barber? I guess, but it’s one of those nouns that I exclusively associate with a man. Weird.) were there but no customers.

So, we had a quick discussion (that involved the barber) and we decided that I’d get my hair cut while Gwen & The Boy watched, and then we’d get Aidan’s hair cut too. My haircut went well, without any tears. As soon as we tried to put Aidan in the barber’s chair, though, the hysteronics began. Once again, I sat him on my lap and the barber did the best he could. There were less tears than in previous times, but calm is the wrong word to use.

The haircut isn’t great, but it’s better than what it was when it was long. There are some pictures a bit further below.

On Sunday, we had brunch with our friends Ali and Nooshin. We biked over to Ali’s Yaletown condo and ate brunch while the Vancouver Marathon passed on the street below. Aidan had a chance to help with breakfast, and seemed to enjoy himself.

After brunch, we all got on bikes and pedalled over to Stanley Park. There’s a nice new playground there near Second Beach, and one of those old firetrucks-turned-into-playground-climbing-equipment that seem strangely popular in Vancouver.

After parting ways with Ali and Nooshin we took the Aquabus from the foot of Hornby Street to Granville Island and biked home. It was a nice way to start the day. The rest of the day sort of got away from us, but it started well!

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